Got Health? Wellness and Weight Management PLLC wants to partner with you, to give your employees the best wellness program possible! We have worked with over twenty-five companies, with different levels of engagement ranging from running a weight loss competition, to simply providing a discount to employees.


Offering a wellness program doesn’t just generate good will, it helps your bottom line. Simply put, healthier employees are more productive employees. You may be surprised to learn how much benefit there is from lower health care costs, reduced absenteeism etc.  For those that would like to incorporate a weight management clinic as part of an existing practice we also offer profit sharing opportunities as well. What can Got Health? Wellness and Weight Management do for you?


Employee discounts
Partnering with us means that your organization will be eligible to join the Medical Weight Loss Clinic Corporate Discount Program. This program is individualized to meet the needs of your company and your employees will receive discounts on our services.
Got Health? Wellness and Weight Management stands out as the leader in weight loss service providers for four key reasons:


•Medical supervision by board certified medical professionals.

•One on one support.

•Programs are customized for the individual's needs.

•We guarantee your success!

Please take a look at our "Programs" section for more information.


Competitive fun!
Everyone is competitive and nothing gets employees more motivated to lose weight, than being in a competition! Whether the goal is for individuals or for teams, comparing total pounds, or percentage of body fat lost, is a fun way to encourage weight loss. We can help you run the competition, or just validate the results.


Subsidize for success
Money can be a person’s biggest motivator to success. Our corporate partners that have utilized the Subsidize for Success program, achieve the highest overall success. If participants hit their weight loss goal, all or a portion of the cost of the program, is reimbursed by the employer. The level of reimbursement is decided by the employer.


For more information about becoming a partner in our Corporate Wellness and Weight Management Program, please contact:

T2 Unlimited Brands LLC.
PO Box 3261
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301















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